Thursday, February 14, 2008

Executive Session 2/13/08

Here is a report from the Executive Session last night. Not much to report actually.
We had some updates on some litigation and some enforcement issues which I can't share until the cases are done. (And we don't want to embarass our neighbors by airing that laundry). However I will note there are 29 reports this week Sandi is pursuing of Christmas lights that haven't been taken down yet. Better take them down before she gets you!

We are waiting some more information on the cell phone tower easement.

At this point in the meeting I had to leave so I don't know the final results of three other topics:

Middle Arena reconstruction - The little I heard was that we are waiting for bids to come back.

Equestrian Center Management Proposal - This was in full debate mode when I left. I shared my views that I think this is a bad idea to have Mickey be the manager regardless of any kind of deal that might be discussed. I don't know the results of that discussion.

Cell Phone Tower Modification - The cell phone tower company wants to make some modifications to the tower. This will be addressed in the open session. It came to us first so that we could get input from our attorneys.

That's about it. I'll try to post the agenda for the open meeting on the 26th. It is supposed to be available 4 days in advance. I'm sure that there will be lots of equestrain issues on the agenda (there always are and some day the rest of us will be able to have our issues of concern addressed as well...)

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