Thursday, April 17, 2008

Web Site Improvements

One of my tasks I pledged to do when I ran was to improve the web site. The current one was hopelessly out of date (still is in many areas) but I have taken a stab at putting on some band aids, culling out the dead wood so it is not completely embarrassing. Please take a look at It lists the new features I created. If you have pictures I can add to the site please send them to me.

We want to dump it and completely redo it but we need to get an idea of what that will cost. To do that, we need an idea of what features it will need. This is the most basic list. Please tell me what to add:

1) Be updated regularly with announcements and info

2) Ability to pay dues and center fees online

3) Contain prominently a link to the agenda and then the minutes of each meeting

4) Ability to send those out directly to residents via e-mail as well as draft policies and other features

5) Ability to file applications online for simple ARC items, apply for a stall at the EC, running for the board, reporting problems etc. Perhaps ability to reserve tennis courts or other things. Basically anything that you need to do in the offline world, you should be able to do online.

6) A blog or other interactive forum for residents to be able to communicate back and forth to share their ideas. (not this one. To be fair to residents we should start from scratch so everyone feels it is their blog)

7) Your ideas or must haves for the site redesign? Post them here.


Anonymous said...

Please tell Maggie I am willing to pay an additional $25.00/month to have working and useful website. That works out to $35,000 for the entire association. Perhaps you should include this in the new budget and increase our fees to market rates.

Anonymous said...

I love the new website, it is at least more valuable with good information.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great it if was really useful and represented our community?

This is the first one that came up, there are more out there.

Anonymous said...

Read the old comments there are new ones.

Rebecca said...

Please consider running for the board .

Due to personal reasons I am not able to.

We need some responsible, ethical people who will do what is best for the entire community. We need them to join with the current members who serve selflessly for the good of the whole, not themselves. Please consider the economic (better housing values) and community benefits (lack of people spreading rumors or gossip to get what they want) of creating a Nellie Gail that serves everyone. Not to mention the undying gratitude of as someone put it "The Good People of the Ranch."

Rebeccca said...

Growing fake pine
LAGUNA HILLS – A 35-foot-high "monopine" tower holding Sprint PCS antennas will grow to
59 feet so AT&T and Cingular Wireless can also utilize the facility next to Nellie Gail's equestrian center. AT&T had already won approval for its seven-foot extension, and this week the City Council approved 17 more feet for Cingular.
— Jim Radcliffe, (949) 454-7358

We have two cell sites paying us for the use of our land? Or does one pay us and collect from the other?