Friday, October 17, 2008

Your Property Rights were removed, without you having a say in the matter.

Dear Fellow Nellie Gail Homeowners,

Three years ago your property rights were taken away and your home values were reduced. It’s time to get them back!

The Nellie Gail Board is considering a revised version of our Architectural Guidelines that will restore our Open Space rights. It is critical to show our support for these new guidelines. (Open Space refers to the sloped potions of many lots).

This is why:

From 1996 to 2005 our Architectural Guidelines pertaining to Open Space read:

“Recreational uses shall be limited to landscaped areas; swimming pools; children’s play areas; single story recreational, storage or agricultural buildings; horse stables and corrals; tennis and sports courts.”

In 2005 a small but influential group of Nellie Gail residents decided that their preferred use of “Open Space” was all that should be permitted for the entire neighborhood. A likeminded Board obliged and quickly changed the Architectural Guidelines to forbid the use of Open Space for any purpose other than Equestrian or Agricultural.

What does this mean to you? Let’s review:

  • Ready to put in that BBQ area you’ve been planning for years? – No longer allowed!
  • Want to create a safe place for the kids to play away from the street? – Nope!
  • Want to replace your gazebo that is falling apart – Don’t even think about it!
  • “But… I just want to improve my property like my neighbors have” – Tough luck!!

Sound reasonable? Hardly! It doesn’t matter if your yard is completely screened with trees and plants. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors have signed off on your project. The answer is NO.

Certain homeowners claim that restoring the right of all residents to enjoy their yards somehow threatens their ability to enjoy the Nellie Gail equestrian lifestyle. This is both selfish and inaccurate. Common sense screening and setbacks can allow all residents to utilize their yards with zero impact on the equestrian experience.

For the good of our entire community we encourage all Nellie Gail homeowners to show their support for guideline revisions by sending an email to telling them to “Restore my Property Rights”. Numbers matter – please send an email today!

If you can make it, please attend the Town Hall Meeting on Oct. 21st and let your opinion be heard.


Nellie Gail Homeowners for Common Sense Guidelines


Anonymous said...

How can they do that legally?

Anonymous said...

I would venture you could find out the truth by looking at our governing documents. What do you want to bet they did it without following proper procedure? I know they didn't follow the law in informing home owners, and did not encourage anyone to speak up.

I am happy the old majority is gone. I welcome the new majority.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the truth out.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous hit piece was mailed to us from "Nellie Gail Ranch Concerned Members", which is entitled "It's Open Season on Open Space" and which calls the newer pro-property rights board members the "Triad". The piece accuses "the Triad"of lying about the proposed revised ARC guidelines and trying to improperly ram them to quick passage. They are encouraging folks to pack the meeting on 10/21 to protest. Let's make sure we show up and support our board.

Anonymous said...

Don't pay them that much attention. It is just the 'old majority' fussing about being out of power.

The very people who wrote the piece put the open space ARC guidelines in order by doing EXACTLY what they are accusing the Triad of doing. Give me a break. The same 'old majority did it without following California Law.

The 'old majority' is hiding behind this piece by sending it out anonymously - then sending it with their friends bulk mail permit (Smarter than a fifth grader?) - after going after other members of the community for doing the same thing.

Everything in that piece creates divisiveness and confusion, the hallmarks of the 'old majority' way of life. In fact the writing sounded just like one of them. Come on, you aren't hiding.