Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ARC just the truth, no lies...

Who, allegedly, has been spotted leaving this huge document with the front page advertising the Nellie Gail Deficit? Why Chuck Curtis, husband of Jan Curtis, former board majority member.

Why is that interesting? Well, because the former board majority CREATED the deficit. The current board just inherited it from THEM. Surprise! This group is amazing, they constantly try to manipulate our beloved Nellie Gail. This group also sent out the lies in the documents mailed to your homes regarding the ARC.

Take a minute to send an email to your board of directors via:
to let then know what you really think about the proposed revisions that give you back your property rights. Take time to read the document and decide for yourself.

The revised document can be found here:

Nellie Gail Ranch ARC Proposed Guidelines

Take a minute to get involved in YOUR community, and don't let others decide for you.

And, what about the Great Nellie Gail Bail Out? The old majority on the board is also responsible for that. More on that later.....Too bad that group does not spend some time doing charity work for Meals on Wheels or something. It would keep them busy and truly help the community.


Anonymous said...

I don't want Chuck getting all the credit---Marlene Sandler delivered the materials to my front door on Sunday while I was working in the garage.

As far as the $382,984 loss is concerned, shouldn't this be the responsibility of the center managers to justify? God knows we have enough management at the clubs that somebody should be able to do the math. What do the Swim, Tennis and Equestrian managers have to say about the total loss which primarily came from their operations?

James Vaughn (because I beleive you should stand behind what you say) said...

As a former Board Member, I can tell you I was on the losing side of a whole lot of 3-2 and 4-1 votes when spending was increased without any information on whether there was room in the budget for it. In closed session when staff benefit increases and salary increases were proposed, I fought tooth and nail because I could see we were headed into tough times and we had no idea what the budget numbers were. We were still trying to get them after the lousy way the previous boards had collected and reported financial data. For Bob to be running around being concerned about the budget is like the town drunk being concerned about the rising rate of alcoholism. He didn't see a staff salary and benefit increase or any equestrian related spending item he could resist.

And for Mr. "Git 'er done" Bettey who has delayed the discussion of the guidelines through stalling tactics to now say "we've spent too much time, we should leave this issue and focus on the budget only" is so cynical he could run for Congress.

And Marlene Sandler told me in an e-mail after the last round of anonymous materials went out that she thought that was wrong; that they should put their names to it. Big surprise her ethics are such that not only did she do it again she delivered them herself it appears. Do these people have ANY integrity anymore? Or is power such a drug for them that they will say anything, hurt anyone (and worse our community) to try to claw it back?

If we are in a budget crisis then we should lay off staff. Let's start with Sandy. She is a negative, divisive force caught eavesdropping on staff in conference with residents. She has lied to people, worked to get general managers fired through underhanded tactics and is a big reason for the lawsuits with residents due to her lack of people skills which I've witnessed first hand.

With the economy the way it is, there is less construction going on. We should be on the neighbor report system for violations rather than have Sandy running around (when not sneaking off property for a smoke break and sitting for hours doing nothing as previous staff have told us she does) looking for things to complain about in order to justify her position and salary and benefits. She was allowed to drive a Nellie Gail-owned truck back and forth to her home and use for personal use (and we paid the gas!) until Bill and I complained about it to get it stopped. A previous general manager, I am told, got to keep his Nellie Gail owned car as part of his severance package. And we wonder why we are having financial short falls? I was disgusted by the chest beating hypocrisy of Marlene Sandler, Linda Mudd, Jan Curtis and others who got us into this mess with their politcal manipulations of the CC&Rs, their financial shell games to make the Equestrian Center appear to pay for itself, their divisive, alarmist lies about the proposed guidelines. THEY created the problems we're trying to solve now. Perhaps it's time they be put out to pasture. Nellie Gail Ranch is a wonderful place these days DESPITE what they do to it. Not because of what they think they do for it. FGightin' words I know, but it's time people stand up to these bullies and we can do it if we all band together. This is like a gang of crack dealers who have taken over a neighborhood park. People have been afraid of this gang, but only if we are finally willing to put our foot down and stand up to them can we eliminate this crop of thugs. If you see them, tell them no more lies, no more threats, no more intimidating tactics. Tell them they should be ashamed of themselves. Ask them "Have you NO shame?"

Anonymous said...


You have more guts than most of us. And we thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

My problem is not paying my dues to support the trails and neighborhood arenas. Even the swim center lets homeowners in for free.

My issue is that all of us are subziding these businesses. I wish I could get a bail out package like that for the last 15+ years.

Now we have accurate financial documents instead of the smoke and mirror documents the old majority put out. Thank you Maggie and new board for that!

Where do I sign up for my Nellie Gail bail out package?

Anonymous said...

My problem is not subsidizing the community I live in, my problem is subsidizing the BUSINESSES that benefit from our subsidy.

Jan Curtis
Mickey Hayden
Mary Kehoe
Bob Hochsteader -(sorry about the spelling)
Louis Demitirus - (sorry about the spelling)

ALL financially benefit from our subsidies. They run PRIVATE businesses that DO NOT serve all homeowners.