Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the survey says......

Homeowner Survey Results

Nellie Gail Ranch Owners Association

Homeowner Survey


1)      Do you feel it is important to keep the original ranch theme of the community?

       441 Yes     67 No     21 No Opinion    15 Declined to Answer 

2)      Are you aware that architectural guidelines in effect from 1996 to 2005 specifically allowed for the following uses in the “open space” portion of your lot:  “swimming pools; children’s play areas; single story recreational, storage or agricultural buildings; horse stables and corrals; tennis and sports courts”?

     375 Yes     129 No      32 No Opinion     8 Declined to Answer 

3)      Do you feel that our community’s original unique open space design with the undeveloped hills directly relates to our home values and the value of the community?

      456 Yes     61 No      18 No Opinion   9 Declined to Answer 

4)      Many residents feel that the removal of property rights in 2005 leaves Nellie Gail at great legal risk.  Do you agree?

       234 Yes     83 No     181 No Opinion     46 Declined to Answer 

5)      Do you believe “open space” on the lots people own should be primarily for the owners of those lots to develop and use for their recreational pleasure?

       404 Yes     106 No      20 No Opinion    14 Declined to Answer 

6)      Do you believe greater consideration should be given to providing an ambiance of openness for the entire community of Nellie Gail relative to personal enjoyment of the property?

      268 Yes     179 No     66 No Opinion    31 Declined to Answer 

7)      Do you object to the use of natural, native plants in place of front yard lawns?

      168 Yes      326 No     45 No Opinion    5 Declined to Answer 

8)   Should the guidelines allow the use of products such as synthetic wood and artificial turf in front yards?

      192 Yes      210 No     41 No Opinion     101 Declined to Answer 

9)   Do you feel that allowing the grading of our slopes for uses such as sport courts, gazebos, game courts, play equipment and swimming pools will undermine Nellie Gail’s uniqueness and value as a community?

     140 Yes      289 No      20 No Opinion    95 Declined to Answer 

10)   Do you believe proper screening using natural foliation can be used to allow residents to utilize their yards within the parameters established prior to 2005 without negatively impacting the open look and feel of Nellie Gail?

     351 Yes     50 No     44 No Opinion     99 Declined to Answer 

11)   The CC&R’s state that development shall be in harmony with surrounding structures and topography.  Do you believe the grading of open space for the construction of pool houses, sport courts and storage sheds produces an environment that is harmonious with the surrounding structures and natural topography of Nellie Gail?

     278 Yes      124 No     32 No Opinion    110 Declined to Answer 

12)   Do you believe that well designed and properly screened structures such as pool houses, sport courts and storage sheds, auxiliary structures and swimming pools on areas other than the graded pad for residential construction, produces an environment that is harmonious with the surrounding structures and natural topography of Nellie Gail?

     328 Yes      90 No     24 No Opinion    102 Declined to Answer 

13)   Do you feel that it is fair to prohibit some Nellie Gail residents from having landscape features that others were in the past permitted to have?

     171 Yes     242 No      35 No Opinion     96 Declined to Answer 

14)   Do you favor more aggressive enforcement of our CC&R’s?

      188 Yes      205 No     56 No Opinion    95 Declined to Answer 

15)   Should the Association enforce minimum maintenance standards for properties, including use of legal action if necessary?

      379 Yes     55 No      20 No Opinion     90 Declined to Answer 

16)   Do you feel that we should protect the intent of our CC&R’s and architectural

guidelines by maintaining our set backs?

     418 Yes     50 No      57 No Opinion     19 Declined to Answer 

17)   Should we as a community have a more stringent set of set back standards than surrounding communities?

     266 Yes      178 No     87 No Opinion     13 Declined to Answer 

18)   Should the Association regulate improvements that cannot be seen or heard by neighbors?

     141 Yes     368 No      34 No Opinion     1Declined to Answer 

19)   Article VIII, Section 12 of the CC&Rs provides:

Natural or Open Space Controls.  That portion of each Lot, other than the graded pad for residential construction, is hereby designated a natural or open space area and shall be subject to certain additional restrictions limiting the use thereof.  Those areas shall be limited to the following uses:

            (a) Equestrian - including barns, stables, corrals, and similar facilities in connection therewith.

            (b) Agricultural - including animal husbandry (subject to County regulation), gardening, orchards, pastures, hothouses, greenhouses, etc., subject to the County Building Code.

            (c) Fire Hazard Reduction Regions.

            (d) Other similar open space uses.

Does the phrase “other similar open space uses” above (Article VIII, Section 12(d) mean uses other than equestrian and agricultural?

      301 Yes      166 No     63 No Opinion     14 Declined to Answer 

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