Sunday, July 22, 2007

Now What?

From the vote it appears that about half of Nellie Gail wants change and the other half is content with the status quo. To continue with business as usual would not be fair to those that want change. Radical change would not be acceptable to the half that seems happy with the way things are. Do you agree with the 50/50 characterization? What do you recommend?


Rebecca said...

I don't want radical change; I just want some changes that reflect the demographics and the wishes of everyone, not just a few.

I think we all believe it would be irresponsible to make drastic change. We do have some things that work, and many things that need to be done much better.

We have large resources in the community that not only could, but are willing to contribute.

I have volunteered with non-profits for over 16 years. I have served on boards, chaired many events and committees, been a worker bee, and chief bottle washer, but my experienced with Nellie Gail has not resembled any organization I have ever worked with.

That is what I would like to change; I would like our businesses to be run like businesses. I would like to see strict adherence to the Davis-Sterling Act as well as other California Civil Codes. And quite a bit more, but as we didn’t get to where we are quickly, it will take some time to make the changes.

I appreciate the willingness of the board to look at new ideas and make solid decisions. I am sure the board will but good ideas put into place that will benefit everyone. We all have different ways of looking at things, but we all want what is best for OUR community.

Rebecca said...

One more thing, I appreciate the decision to keep this conversation going. We need a place to openly discuss what is going on and what we like and don't like to better our community.

Let's be part of the solution.

Stephanie Miller said...

Now What? For me, I will support the newly elected Board. I want to continue with my volunteer efforts.
Make no mistake....change is coming wether or not you like it or want it. It is your choice to participate and have input to the NEW and improved Nellie Gail. This election was historical for our little world. The demographics have changed, Father time continues to tick away and your neighbor today may not be tomorrow.
Congrats to the NEW Board members and good luck in shaping the NEW face of Nellie Gail.

Rebecca said...

Would it be possible to get some footing changes in the middle arena?

There are quite a few people in the neighborhood who are up to the task of choosing appropriate footing.

My daughters horse was injured due to the poor footing, (this was confirmed by two Veterinarians).

Please be so kind as to advise me as to how to solve this issue.