Friday, July 20, 2007

Election Results

(James got access to the blog to post these results and analysis)

There were approximately 853 homes voting last night representing about 61% turnout. This was the first time in 28 years that we've met a quorum. Regardless of how any one side feels, we can feel confident that this represents a true cross section of the community and that no one side dominated the process. Voters elected three new candidates indicating they want change, but want to ensure that we preserve the best Nellie Gail has to offer.

James tracked the ballots last night and has these results. The first numbers are the official numbers announced last night:

The figures reflect total votes, then ballot votes and then proxy votes
Bill Enholm 548 (431 117)
Jan Curtis 532 (271 261)
Dr. Robert Bettey 522 (250 272)
James Vaughn 502 (378 117)
Cindy Greengold 492 (354 138)

Stephanie Miller 420 (375 45)
Steve Abdo 267 (129 138)
Dolores Carringella 264 (209 55)

James did a break down by ballots and proxies as well:

Here is ranking by votes received by ballots (excludes proxy votes)

Bill Enholm 431 (Votes were cast on ballots for this candidate)
James Vaughn 378
Stephanie Miller 375
Cindy Greengold 354
Jan Curtis 271
Robert Bettey 250
Dolores Carringella 209
Steve Abdo 129

Here is the ranking by votes received by proxies (excludes ballot votes)
Dr. Robert Bettey 272 (Votes were cast on proxies for this candidate)
Jan Curtis 261
Cindy Greengold 138
Steve Abdo 138
James Vaughn 124
Bill Enholm 117
Dolores Caringella 55
Stephanie Miller 45

And James looked at votes by household. Cumulative voting allowed people to cast 1-5 votes per candidate. He looked at how many households voted for each candidate regardless of how many votes they cast for the candidate. Here are those results:

These results include proxy and ballot votes:

Cindy Greengold 303 total households voted for this candidate
Jan Curtis 289
James Vaughn 264
Bill Enholm 255
Stephanie Miller 240
Dolores Caringella 236
Robert Bettey 235
Steve Abdo 198

Here are breakdowns by homes by ballots cast (excludes proxies). This means how many homes voted for the candidates by using the ballot and not the proxy.

Cindy Greengold 233
James Vaughn 231
Bill Enholm 222
Stephanie Miller 221
Jan Curtis 193
Dolores Caringella 190
Robert Bettey 181
Steve Abdo 152

Here are the breakdowns by homes by proxies cast (excludes ballot votes). This means how many homes gave their votes by proxy to candidates instead of by ballot.

Jan Curtis 96 (31 proxies gave her all 5 votes)
Cindy Greengold 70 (7 proxies gave her all 5 votes)
Robert Bettey 54 (39 proxies gave him all 5 votes)
Dolores Caringella 46 (1 proxy gave her all 5 votes)
Steve Abdo 46 (22 proxies gave him all 5 votes)
Bill Enholm 33 (19 proxies gave him all 5 votes)
James Vaughn 33 (2o proxies gave him all 5 votes)
Stephanie Miller 19 (5 proxies gave her all 5 votes)

This data is for informational use only and is based on hand calculations collected last night. There may be slight variances in the data and only a full audit of the ballots would make certain this data is 100%, but it's pretty darn close. It does make you wonder how things might have been different if there were not cumulative voting or proxies. If homes had to choose only one candidate, how would they choose? Regardless, it is time for us to pull together as a community and work together on the challenges facing us.


James Vaughn said...

My thanks to everyone who supported me, worked for me and especially voted for me. I look forward to all of us coming together to work for the good of Nellie Gail. I especially could not have done this without Lorinda, Rebecca, and Carol among many others. I truly am grateful and looking forward to this.

Rebecca said...

Congratulations to all the candidates that made it into office. I agree we need to work for the betterment of the community.

That is why we all got involved, to make this a better place for all of us to live and play.

I too am so pleased at the rate of participation.

Bill Enholm said...

When a candidate takes the step of running for election they really never know if there is widespread support for their beliefs. When I sent my email to join this election, minutes before the deadline, I had no idea what a wild ride I was in for.

Now, is it time for Girl Scout cookies and a rousing round of community-wide Kumbaya? I hope so, but I believe I was elected to represent the views I professed throughout the campaign- fiscal conservatism, friendly attitudes and making Nellie Gail Ranch the best place in California to own and ride a horse. Please remind me if I ever stray from these goals. Also, please remind me that I am committed to term limits and will not serve more than two-terms.

Thank you to all who worked for me, voted for me and encouraged me. Thank you to those who disagreed with me and cared enough to vote.

Rebecca said...

I have a question:

How many physical proxies were voted instead of ballots?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to bring up the Pony Express article?

JBland said...

There is another election in November, this time for the City Council. The South County Animal Shelter Coalition has created the Laguna Hills Watch Dog for those who want to know more about what their city council is actually doing. They report every city council meeting, unvarnished, and often with humor including editorial comment. Anyone can receive these e-mail reports free of charge by going to , and signing up with name, city, e-mail address and the words "Watch Dog".