Monday, July 16, 2007


One word for you:

Thank you for making Nellie Gail History!


Anonymous said...

The election's over but not the discussion. For the good of the community, please keep this blog alive!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations to everyone who one:
Bill Enholm
Cindy Greengold
Jan Curtis
James Vaughn
Dr. Bettey

We will be looking forward to a great year!

We had around 740 homes participating in this election. I thank you for making a difference in your community.

Quorum for the first time in Nellie Gail History!

Rebecca said...

How about more participation?

JBland said...

There is another election in November for City Council. The South County Animal Shelter Coalition has created the Laguna Hills Watch Dog for those who want to know more about what their city council is actually doing. They report every city council meeting, unvarnished, and often with humor including editorial comment. Anyone can receive these e-mail reports free of charge by going to , and signing up with name, city, e-mail address and the words "Watch Dog".