Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Election Results

Here are the results from the tabulation of tonight's ballots at the annual meeting. We had a 27% turnout:

Dr. Robert Bettey 495 (26.7%) 2 year term
Bill Enholm 467 (25.1%) 2 year term
Jim Cormie 326 (17.5%) 2 year term
John Frank 289 (15.6%) 1 year term
Bill Frey 278 (15.0%) 1 year term

1,855 total votes

Bylaw Amendment # 1 Staggered 2 year terms

Yes 329 (88.4%) No 43 (11.5%)

Bylaw Amendment #2 Elimination of Proxies

Yes 267 (72.1%) No 103 (27.8%)

Bylaw Amendment #3 Elimination of Cumulative Voting

Yes 218 (58.6%) No 154 (41.3%)

The lawyers are still debating whether 50% of quorum at 50% is required or 50% of the quorum of the meeting (25%) is required so they will not state the results of the elections (that the bylaw amendments passed) until the new board meets. I suggest the new board vote to accept the results declaring the bylaw amendments have passed because the bylaws state that 50% of quorum is required at the annual meeting. Since the quorum for the annual meeting is 25% if we do not reach 50% the first attempt, the quorum of 25% applies for bylaw amendments as well. And remember, the lawyers advise, but the board ultimately votes to make the decision. Congratulations to all our new board members.


Anonymous said...

Great news! Thanks James for keeping us informed. It looks like we have a great board, and highly qualified people to run the Association.

Anonymous said...

Again James, thank you for the amazing difference you have made in our community. I firmly believe that none of this would have been possible without you.

You have brought back, and demanded integrity and fair business practices. What a concept? Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

What about the audit that went home. We are supporting the Tennis, Swim and Equestrian Center. The Equestrian Center is still being supported at $7k a month! That is ridiculous! The trainers should pay that to US! Some of them make a fortune and I have a problem with supporting them!