Friday, October 17, 2008

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The blog has now given permission to:

Nellie Gail Residents for Common Sense

to post items on this blog.

Welcome Back!

This blog is no longer being hosted/or contributed to by James Vaughn, unless he posts his name to a piece.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the blog back!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The ability to get clear information is available again.

James Vaughn said...

But I can at least post comments.
Dear Board Members:

As newer residents, we strongly support the changes proposed to the ARC guidelines to restore them to their previous standards. We appreciate the open spaces, and semi rural feeling which includes equestrian uses. But it is obvious that not all properties in Nellie Gail are strictly horse properties and not all residents moving in want horses. We bought here for the big lots. We support common sense development that helps to preserve that atmosphere while also protecting the property rights of those who have made a huge investment in their homes. With property values dropping dramatically, it is more important that that property owners preserve the right to improve them in a way that doesn't detract from their neighbors ability to enjoy their property or doesn't create an eyesore.

Please restore common sense to the architectural approval process. Don't allow our community to be held hostage to a handful of people who seek to impose their ultra strict standards on everyone else. We encounter that enough from people like them trying to tell us how we live our lives inside our house. We don't need them infringing on our rights outside our home as well. As a Republican I respect individual freedom and limited government. That should apply all the way down to the most local form of government, not just be a philosophy spouted at Congress to win elections.

Thank you for all you do and for standing up for common sense and property rights.